translated from Spanish: 1,400,000 arrested and notified for violating quarantine in Argentina

With unusual situations and other attempts at mass taunts of the troops, mandatory isolation is being carried out according to the rules and with the corresponding control in the middle of a pandemic in which Argentina is controlling the situation, at least in the first month. However, not all citizens adapt to the norm of not leaving their homes except for reasons of force majeure or signed permits and that is why almost 1,400,000 arrests and / or notifications are already registered since the measure last March 13th Alberto fernández announced the measure. The information was collected by Federal Police, National Gendarmerie, Naval Prefecture and Airport Security Police (PSA) held from 20 March until 14 on Tuesday 32,631 people, while 1,393,914 were notified. In addition, control on routes and accesses reached 1,025,376 vehicles, of which 2,619 were hijacked.

Police controlled more than 1,000,000 vehicles from March 20 to date. Photo: NA

Santa Fe was one of the provinces with the highest rates. There, police arrested 10,269 people and recorded 31,685 calls to 911 and 0800 to report the violation of mandatory isolation. In addition, 4,925 checks were carried out on passenger transport and 62,026 cars were monitored, of which 569 were seized. The City of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, has 131 controls carried out by the Buenos Aires Police at the access points to the Federal Capital and those that are mobile, 526 people were arrested until 16 on Tuesday and 6,247 delayed, notified or transferred Finally, as to what has to do with premises and homes where there were complaints, 2,493 inspections were carried out from 13 March to the present and 15 danceable venues were closed (two dance bowling alleys and 13 bars).

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