translated from Spanish: CDMX government recommends use of fabric bed covers in transport

Authorities in the country’s capital recommended to citizens the use of cloth covers on public transport, as a prevention measure for those who have the need to leave, although the order of being on the street and staying at home prevails.
“The recommendation in the city will be the use of cloth covers, not surgical, not medical, but fabric on public transport because in recognition of all those people who cannot stay the time that is being suggested at home, who need to mobilize then the recommendation is that on public transport use of bedside covers,” said the capital health secretary, Olivia Lopez.
“We are going to start advertising it now, from this day on all the pages of the City Government Health Secretariat and above all we will place information capsules of the hygienic management of these bed covers because if they are not handled properly they can become floodlights of infection,” he added.
The official recommended that the fabric mouth covers be washed frequently, and that when using it does not touch the fabric that covers the nose and mouth, but the springs with which it is fastened.
He also advised “that at the time of use for a certain amount of time, for example, on public transport, it should be placed when leaving the house and used on public transport and then discarded or put in a bag and washed, depending on the type of head cover.”
If it is removed and put and left anywhere, as at a table, “it can become an extension of our polluting hands, then that is very important for the population”.
The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, mentioned that no sanctions are contemplated for not now using head coverings in transport, and that they are working to make it available to people.
“We are looking there with our secretary of economic development so that they can be available anywhere, and see also if we can make a first donation, we are working on it,” he said.
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