translated from Spanish: Sanctioned in THE US and Mexico, owner of company that sold fans to IMSS

Having served as a testaferro in Chimera, Baldemar was sentenced to the prohibition of not re-functioning as an official or director of any securities issuing company.

When Baldemar took over the leadership of Chimera Energy, the company issued a statement mentioning that its new executive came from being President of Projects and Industrial Products LLC, an oil services company registered at the 1010 office of a 12-tier building located at 1400 Post Oak Boulevard in Houston.

That same office housed Energy Connection LLC, Super Crossing LLC, and Technology Procurement LP, all companies in which Baldemar was the director and had been created between January 31, 2004 and January 1, 2005. This firm was also the domicile of Centex Global Energy LP, a company that was charged in 2010 by Pemex Petrochemical’s internal supervisory body of having submitted false documents to participate in the international public tender 18578019-018-09, for the acquisition of the «Electronic ignition system for burners in the effluent treatment area and burners of the Morelos petrochemical complex».

According to the case file, Centex Global Energy, together with Soluciones Térmicas Agni SA de CV, submitted a letter apparently issued with the endorsement of the manufacturer or owner of the brand, the company called Zeeco, Inc.

However, Pemex staff found that the document presented was false.

«The legal representative of the company Zeeco, Inc., stated in the minutes dated November 19, 2009, carried out by affiliated personnel of this internal supervisory body in Pemex Petroquímica, that such signature does not correspond to the declarant’s handwriting, delinating the content and signature of this document in its entirety, being absolute responsibility for the scope of this document from which he offered it as if his signature was stamped in his hand», read in file 0014/2010.

For counterfeiting, Centex Global Energy was disabled for two and a half years and fined 849,000 pesos.

In Mexico, in another litigation, Multiva sued Centex Global Energy for a debt. In the file of this case of 2012, Baldermar Pérez Ríos appears as legal representative of that Texan company.

In another legal proceeding, The company Projects and Industrial Products LLC , also run by Baldemar – was required in January 2010 to pay $46,219 for the failure to deliver goods from a contract assigned to him by Pemex.

The same company had been charged in September 2008 before a court in Mexico City for the breach in a contract assigned by the Federal Electricity Commission for rehabilitation and modernization works at the Cerro Prieto Geothermoelectric Plant. The amount claimed amounted to $2.7 million.

The fan supplier

While facing the allegations of his short-lived involvement as director of Chimera Energy, Baldemar participated in the creation of four other companies in Texas, all engaged in the oil services sector: Levanting Global Servicios SA LLC, registered on February 24, 2015; One Energy Mid-Stream LLC, One Energy Solutions Inc. and Technology Procurement LLC, the latter three formally registered on February 17, 2017, as recorded in documents consulted by MCCI.

In the previous companies, Baldemar served as director and at all he contributed 5201 Cedar Creek Street in Houston as his home.

Levanting Global is the company that was hired by IMSS to supply 2,500 fans, and official Texas documents appear with a mailing address at number 4050 of the Jennings Circuit, a residential area of Missouri City, a town conurbada to Houston. That same address is shared with One Energy Mid-Stream LLC.

On its website, Levanting Global lists as its clients four intercompany companies in which Baldemar himself appears as a partner or director.

Although the company claims to have representative offices in different countries, its website has a rudimentary design.

The DOMAIN OF THE SITE was registered on January 24, 2017 on behalf of some neighbors of Calle Oriente 247-A, in the Colonia Agrícola Oriental, in the town hall of Iztacalco of Mexico City.

MCCI sought out IMSS authorities to question whether they knew of the company’s background and the owner of it, but no answer was taken.

Baldemar denies being sanctioned

Contacted by telephone in Houston, Baldemar Pérez said he had no responsibility for the fraud of Chimera Energy, a company that was suspended by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when he served as its chief executive.

«In the Chimera affair, I was only a technology consultant and was the only one who wasn’t sanctioned, I had practically started advising them – six weeks – when the SEC suspended the company, they didn’t even get to pay me for my services.»

THE SEC documents consulted by MCCI mention that it was sanctioned in 2017 with an disqualification from holding senior positions at companies that issue securities.

Baldemar confirmed that he worked for Pemex from 1984 to 1988, as a process engineer, almost recently graduated from the chemical engineering career at the Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

Bringing in fans from China

Regarding the terms of the contract that IMSS assigned to its company Levanting Global Servicios SA LLC, asked its spokesman, Carlos Olmos Tomasini, to give a position on his behalf.

«IMSS contacted them because they (Levanting Global) are representatives of the Chinese company Aeonmed,» explained Olmos Tomasini, who was a Communication Officer at the Ministry of Health in 2009, when the H1N1 influenza pandemic occurred.

Beijing Aeonmed Co. it is the full name of the Chinese supplier, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical fans.

Why did they choose Levanting Global if their specialty is oil services?

He said they are already in the process of signing bonds and guarantees, so that fans are delivered from next week.

«On Friday comes the first shipment, next week a thousand and the next thousand (more),» Olmos said. «The delay is because THE IMSS has not given the down payment, because the entrenchers are quarantined and there is no public record for the guarantees.»

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