translated from Spanish: When would the peak of COVID cases and their decline be? This says Lopez-Gatell

The Under-Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, confirmed in an interview with Radio Formula his calculation that in June it would be the peak of COVID-19 cases in Mexico.
In conversation with journalist Joaquín López Dóriga, He said that the mathematical epidemiology specialists of the federal health team have analyzed the evolution of the pandemic, and although they expect a positive impact of social estrangement measures and a refinement of the calculations will still be needed, the original prediction remains in force that the maximum case would be in June and would begin to fall between July and August, prolonging the existence of the pandemic, albeit already in decline, until October.
If there was a «change in signals» regarding the behavior of the pandemic, Lopez-Gatell said, would inform the population in a timely manner.
The official also noted that the impact of the Healthy Distance Day will be differentiated, according to how well these measures were implemented in the states.
Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said next Thursday the Health team will accurately report when the country would be the most difficult time because of the pandemic and when it would begin to give way, to estimate when quarantine would begin to rise.
As of last Sunday, 4,661 cases of COVID-19 and 296 deaths from COVID-19 had been confirmed in Mexico.
‘There’s no incongruity’
Lopez-Gatell, said on Monday that there is no «incongruity» between the figure presented by Salud federal and the head of government of Mexico City about hospitalized in critical condition or intubated by COVID-19.
On Sunday Federal Health reported on 185 people in the country in that condition, while Sheinbaum gave the figure of 265, although he said they were citizens intubated with COVID-19 or with suspicion of having the disease.
«There is no discrepancy between the CDMX and the federal government data on #COVID19 cases. The information is generated in the federal entities. Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum filed the sum of confirmed and suspected cases. We present only confirmed,» Lopez-Gatell said.
«Cases are identified by the medical staff of clinics and hospitals. They notify you on the electronic platform of the Epidemiological Surveillance System. The legal responsibility for this notification is the legal responsibility of the state health secretariats to the federal Ministry of Health,» he added.
«Totally agree. We work in total coordination,» Sheinbaum replied to that pair of tweets.
Among the characters who pointed out a contradiction in the figures was former President Felipe Calderón.
«Government Chief Claudia Sheinbaum reports that there were 265 intubated in the CDMX alone. On the same day, Hugo Lopez-Gatell said that there were only 185 across the country. Who to believe?» he questioned.

The Head of Government @Claudiashein reports that there were 265 intubated in the CDMX alone. That same day, @HLGatell said that there were only 185 across the country. Who can I believe?
— Felipe Calderón (@FelipeCalderon) April 13, 2020

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