translated from Spanish: Guarantee social program supports in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Social support for the most vulnerable population must continue during the current health emergency, and both the federation and the state have made some changes to ensure them, especially those focused on food and health programmes for the Sinaloan population. Ricardo Madrid Pérez, Secretary of Social Development, commented that in subsequent days and months, food and health support will be being provided to the most vulnerable or poverty-stout colonies in the state. To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we’ll send you the information instantly.

He added that the delivery of support would be done in an organized manner to avoid conglomeration of people. That is why, according to Madrid, some health brigades that were already defined before the pandemic were transformed into the itinerant brigades in order to go to provide emergency health information and care and support with home disinfectants to families in need. Health and food supports will be based on the polygons already defined in Sinaloa.He further said that it is constantly in coordination with the governor and his cabinet to make decisions to deal with the various problems before the pandemic in a reasoned and coordinated way, «always thinking of being on the side of the Sinaloians and helping and contributing so that this virus does not affect as much as possible» Mentioned. They will arm thee against corruption 
When questioned about how they would be shielded against possible frauds at the time of issuing supports, because the case of the delivery of rotten mattresses when Hurricane Manuel occurred, responded that they would not take any risks, since they are working according to legality and transparency, ensuring that tenders obtain top quality products at the lowest price, «We are very clear that public resources must be used in the most transparent manner and that they reach those in need in the right way, that they are delivered in an orderly manner, with the care that they never put Sinaloians at risk,» he said. They’ll give house-to-house support 
Jaime Montes, in charge of federal affairs, told this medium that they have made changes in the way programs are usually supported, such as Pension for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, Benito Juarez Scholarships for basic education, as well as support for older adults. These supports are already granted to many by bank account, so in this case no changes were made, but the people who were granted at the Telecom window are currently asked not to come, because the resource for the beneficiary will be being given house to the house: «We are going to take the appeal to their home to people who are not banked; those who are already banked, because they have already received it from the beginning,» he said, for this purpose the Nation’s Servers programme is being deployed, which would bring the right information and support to those who require it. Jaime Montes also commented that the intention is to give the support as soon as possible: «We are bringing help to those most in need because it is urgent, they were also given a bimonthly push, so that they can better overcome this contingency,» he said. Jaime Montes said that the support for the mipymes is already in force, to which the Sinaloians have responded very well. The support that is given is six thousand pesos, which are paid monthly with five hundred pesos during the first three months, and after that time they will be able to pay in full, so that when they finish paying it, they are credited with a loan greater than ten thousand pesos, which is paid in a similar way, and at the end of the payment they are credited fifteen thousand pesos. Montes also said that support is about to be given to the countryside and to the fishermen, all through the recipient roll that the federal government already has.

Banorte, Banco Azteca and Santander are so far the banks allocated for loans to smymemes of up to 25 thousand pesos. No fees will be charged, and your interest rate per year will be 6.5%. This in order for small businesses to pay. Those small businesses that are registered in the pattern of the Welfare Secretariat, which was raised when the census was made for the social programs of the current Administration, will be chosen. Source: My Pocket Headquarters Supports
On the other hand, the State Government will also be granting loans to micro and small enterprises that have been affected in the context of COVID-19. You can call 758 70 00 extensions 2918 and 2945 or URGE 800 000 4343. The credits will be 20 thousand to 300 thousand pesos, with an annual rate of 6 per cent, and a rate of 3 per cent for credits under 5 thousand to 20 thousand pesos. The program is called Emerging Fosin.

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