translated from Spanish: Large crowding of people occurred at Felix Bulnes Hospital for drug recall

A long line of people was reported on Wednesday at the Felix Bulnes Hospital in Quinta Normal, who were trying to perform the withdrawal of medicines from the compound.
At least 200 people gathered at the site, causing some of the coronavirus prevention measures, such as estrangement between people, to be not respected.
The director of Clinical Support of the establishment, Patricio Figueroa, said that «to avoid crowds we have arranged that the entry of patients be done progressively and controlled, seeking to distribute them in various sectors of the hospital». 
During the delivery of the covid-19 national figures, the under-secretary of care networks, Arturo Zúñiga, indicated that the situation was aggravated by the no delivery on the long weekend and that after contacting the authorities of the venue, he was informed that additional measures, such as home delivery, were taken «so that this is not repeated».
From the National Federation of Health Workers (Fenats), they said that with the pharmacy of the establishment there is a problematic situation on a daily basis.

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