translated from Spanish: Phase 3 COVID-19: AMLO will not suspend La Mañanera

Mexico City.- Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico anticipated that despite having declared phase 3 of the pandemic by COVID-19 in the country, his morning conference will not stop being held at Palacio Nacional.The representative indicated that La Mañanera will not be canceled, and that he even considers that there are more conferences to offer more information to Mexicans said sarcastically.

No, no, on the contrary, I’m thinking until there’s more (conferences) for us to have information,” he said, when questioned about it.

Phase 3 of COVID-19
This morning, Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez declared Mexico in phase 3 for the pandemic he faces from coronavirus. Dr. López-Gatell warned during La Mañanera that despite having extended quarantine until May 30, in some areas of Mexico low-risk could return to activities on May 18.” Today we want to start phase 3 of the COVID epidemic, remembering that we are in a rapid ascent phase where a large amount of contagion accumulates,” the Undersecretary of Health Promotion and Prevention Hugo López-Gatell told the press conference.

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