translated from Spanish: Brazil exceeds 45,700 cases and 2,900 deaths by Covid-19 and advances to relax social estrangement

Brazil’s Health Minister Nelson Teich announced on Wednesday that the Government will next week present a new plan to relax the social estrangement measures decreed to halt the Covid-19’s progress, after the latest balance sheet showed 45,757 positive cases and 2,906 fatalities.» We already have an idea ready. A week from now, we will deliver a complete guideline,» Teich has advanced during a control hearing on the management of the new coronavirus held at the Palace of Planalto.No however, Teich has nuanced that the new government measure will be implemented in different ways, taking into account the specific needs and situations of each state and region of the country.» Brazil is giant and heterogeneous, there is no guideline that has not adapted to the different parts of the country, it will be calculated what the new cases are, the previous ones, how many beds are occupied, or how the human resources situation is,» he said. The new health minister has also insisted on thesis of the president, Jair Bolsonaro, and noted that the country cannot be «one year in detention», so a «exit» program of these isolation measures is necessary.» It is impossible for a country to survive standing for a year or a year and a half. Isolation is an absolutely natural and logical measure, but it cannot be accompanied by an exit program. That’s what we’re going to work on,» he said.

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