translated from Spanish: U.S. uses drones to detect coronavirus symptoms in people

U.S.- aerospace firm Draganfly has conducted the first test flights in the United States of its «pandemic drones,» the company announced today. Drones are equipped with sensors and computer vision systems that measure body temperature, breathing and heart rate from up to 190 feet. They can also detect whether someone sneezes, coughs, or follows the rules of social estrangement. Test flights were conducted in Westport, Connecticut, which became a coronavirus hot spot after a private party where dozens of people were exposed to the virus.


According to Draganfly, Westport will use technology to protect at-risk groups, such as the elderly and crowds gathering in public places. Westport police lieutenant Anthony Prezioso told local media outlet Patch that the evidence had been going on for «about the last five days.»
It is anticipated that this will continue during the summer months of July and August, as we anticipate the need to continue working to strengthen social estrangement measures to limit and control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, he said.


The company claims that its software uses biometric readings but not facial recognition, and that all the data it collects is anonymous.» The system does not collect individualized data. The system doesn’t identify people,» Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell said in a YouTube video.To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we’ll send you the information instantly.

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