translated from Spanish: Complaint case of covid-19 in journalist of “La Mañanera”

CDMX.-Journalist Mina Moreno spread on social media the possible contagion of a fellow profession covering the mornings of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), which could trigger multiple contagions. He added that the last time the event was attended was Monday, April 20.
Moreno questioned Jesus Ramírez Cuevas, General Coordinator of the Social Communication Area of the presidency, for the security measures, without receiving a reply so far. To get the latest news about coronavirus, register by clicking on this space and we will send you the information instantly Since she has previously pointed out the lack of precautions taken by presidency of the Republic.
They did not set up taking the necessary health measures and healthy distance, the communicator said.

The female showed solidarity with some fellow professionals who daily come to “the morning”.
Today there’s an infected journalist, how many more will there be? I hope they’ll all be sent to quarantine and performed by the covid-19 test, it’s over.

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