translated from Spanish: Agustin Pichot’s career began to handle the fate of world rugby

The race for the reins of world rugby was launched on Sunday and Agustín Pichot competes vote-to-vote in an election that is at odds with current Brtian mandatario Bill Beaumont.The former Los Pumas scrum half in the president of World Rugby – he is the current vice-president – in a virtual vote for the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) that will run until Thursday and the results of which will be known on 12 May.

It will be a dispute in which the 45-year-old Argentine will face the man who took him to the vice presidency for the past four years, but with whom he made differences fundamentally because of his vision of the future of rugby.” This is a crucial day for rugby. Investment, global calendar, more representation, paths for emerging nations, more growth for the game,” Pichot wrote on his Twitter account, adding: “We have an opportunity, today, to modernize the game. Let’s un team up and show the leadership required to change. There’s no turning back. Today is the only opportunity to achieve what we all want: growth for all nations and fairer representation.”

In a key election at critical moments for rugby, which in turn presents itself as an opportunity to align our sport globally, I have decided to run as a candidate for President of World Rugby.
Download the doc to find out why:—Agustin Pichot (@AP9_)
April 11, 2020

What will the vote look like?
World Rugby members received an email and have a 48-hour deadline to elect the president, vice president and members of the Board of Directors.Pichot will look to have the most of the 51 votes (needs 26 to win) that will be enabled between the different associations, but not all are worth the same. Three votes: France, England, Ireland, Italy, Wales and Scotland as members of the Six Nations, and Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, belonging to the Rugby Championship.
Two votes: Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia, North America and South America, which are the six continental unions, joined by Japan.
One vote: Georgia, Romania, Fiji, Samoa, Canada, the United States and Uruguay.
It may happen that some country distributes its votes among the candidates. And if there’s a tie, define the president’s vote, that is, Beaumont himself.

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