translated from Spanish: Fernandez: «The Argentinians who didn’t come back are the ones who went to try their luck»

The president of the nation, Alberto Fernández, again gave a journalistic interview where he referred to the two issues that dominate the agenda of the Argentine Republic: the coronavirus and the renegotiation of the debt. While negotiations with external creditors remain despite the rejection of Martin Guzman’s last bid, the president called for them to «make a reasonable counter offer.»
«If there is a reasonable counteroffer, we have no disman action in analyzing it, but do it,» he said in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia, where he said that the government does not want to default but «we will pay as much as we can.»
«Those who think we don’t want to negotiate are wrong. What we don’t want is to commit to a debt we can’t repay.»

On Monday, the economy minister accused the «business lobby» who pressured the national government to settle the debt issue «at any cost.» On Tuesday, the representative ratified the intention to reach a sustainable agreement. 

This morning we are reviewing with @Martin_M_Guzman the progress of debt restructuring.
We continue to provide good faith with creditors with the aim of reaching a sustainable agreement.— Alberto Fernández (@alferdez)
May 9, 2020

The president acknowledged that the economy will fall «between 5 and 6 points of GDP» this year but clarified that «the government is more or equal to the one that is most concerned, but we are experiencing a very unique situation» and the priority is health. In this context he explained in dialogue with the Afternoon program but Early on that the exit from quarantine will be done «without compromising people’s health».
«We are in an exceptional situation, never Argentina nor the world lived this. For the countries that opened the economy, they didn’t do well»

In the extensive interview, the representative referred to the situation of the prisoners, following the cacar of the opposition when the justice ruled in favor of granting house prisons to detainees according to particular criteria.
«The truth is that the two house accords were correct, then I don’t know how they implemented it because I heard they released people with convictions for very serious crimes,» the president said, in an opinion similar to the one he expressed on Twitter two weeks ago, when he denounced a «malicious campaign» in media and networks. Cases in the villas
Fernández referred to the situation of the villages in the Federal Capital, whose number of positive cases triggered the district’s contagion curve. The new cases the representative attributed them to the «level of overcrowding so great that the rate of contagion is impressive, if one catches there it expands at high speed the contagion». However, Alberto Fernández highlighted Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s management of the outbreak and said that «he is acting with great responsibility». Argentinians abroad
According to Chancellery data, the repatriated Argentinians are around 90% but there is still a group that failed to return to the country. Referring to these citizens, the president said that «they are Argentinians who went to try their luck abroad and have found that abroad everything is complicated and now they want to come back.» «They’re no longer the ones who went on the road, they’re the ones who went to settle in places, where they don’t have a job today,» he explained, though he added, «as long as we can dispatch flights, they’re welcome.» Wealth tax
Fernandez was again considered for the possibility of taxing large fortunes and reiterated that it is not a tax but is «one time contribution» in the midst of the coronavirus emergency.

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