translated from Spanish: Who is the actor who plays María José in La Casa de las Flores?

Her imposing character as a lawyer, her Spanish accent, her ability to delineate and above all, her patience to deal with the problems of «Paulina de la Mora», were some of the elements with which «María José» conquered the demanding audience during the three seasons of «La Casa de las Flores» created by the mastermind of mexican Manolo Caro.» María José» was played by Spanish actor Francisco León Barrios, better known as Paco León. In addition to an actor, he is a film director and producer. He became known in 2003 with the sketch series «Homo zapping», however, the success came to him in 2005 with the beginning of the Spanish television series «Aída», where he played a rehabilitated drug addict, which everyone refers to as «the fool of the barium». In addition, he has also been the protagonist of the films «Don’t call it love… call it x,» «Kiki,» «Love Is Made,» «Pregnant,» «7 years,» «Toc toc» and «The Tribe.»

It was in 2018 that Paco León traveled to Mexico to be part of the cast of «La Casa de las Flores», after being contacted by Manolo Caro. Before the premiere of the first season, the actor thus described «María José», his character in this story full of secrets, lies and many flowers.

«This is ‘Maria José’, my character in ‘The House of Flowers’. He lived for more than 30 years as a lawyer, a happily married father to the firstborn of a wealthy Mexican family»
But her decision to live as a woman, her true gender identity caused the separation of the couple… very much to his regret.

«In this season of ‘La Casa de las Flores’ he will return from Spain to be reunited with his former and the whole family of La Mora,» Paco León narrated in a post on his Instagram account.
Paco León has a great artistic career
In addition to «La Casa de las Flores» it has great successes in film, theater, TV shows and more. About her character of «María José» she shared the following reflection on her social networks before the premiere of the third season:
I was told it’s foolish to fall three times into the same stone, but that was a stone on which it deserved to fall, slip and get hurt.

With regard to his personal life, Paco León is married to director Anna Rodríguez; the fruit of his love in March 2010 his daughter Manuela León was born.

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