translated from Spanish: The AFIP page was dropped on the day the credits had to be processed at a 0% rate

For more than 10 days, the national government has announced the implementation of 0% rate credits for all those low-level monotributist workers, so that they can meet their credit card plans and other economic actions that are difficult to pay off in the pandemic. However, the enablement for them came this Monday, May 4, although the great news was that the page of the AFIP, which was supposedly enabled for those who want to access the benefit, start the procedure, they had breakfast with that it was down, with a large generalized bronch. From various companies that require the start through the tax key the workers themselves who want to obtain the credit plan at a rate 0%, reported that it does not allow entry to anyone at the time the individual data is entered.

The monotributists’ time with AFIP for the drop of the page at the beginning of the paperwork for the 0% rate credits.

One of the biggest complaints has to do with the announcement being made with a long time and , despite the that the AFIP decreed the fair for its employees and works with minimal guard for quarantine, failed to meet the requirements for all beneficiaries of this economic measure.» Those of us who regularly use the AFIP website know how bad it usually works. Today, with thousands of people trying to figure out about zero-rate credit for card consumption, it fell completely. And not only will anyone be able to find out, nor can they BE BILLED. Grave,» said journalist Diego Battle on his social media. The new 0% rate credits are intended for the group of monotributists not achieved by The Emergency Family Income (IFE), which was only intended for the two lowest categories. In this case, they are in the form of loans that will be credited to the credit card account in order to meet the payment times.

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