translated from Spanish: Vidal and return to training: «The least we can do is take care of ourselves and set an example»

The national midfielder Arturo Vidal commented on what has been the return to face-to-face training at FC Barcelona, after the arrest of all football activity by the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken Spain.The ‘King’ declared in dialogue with El Mercurio, after positive cases of COVID-19 were ruled out in Barca, which «is a step back to the training center. Leaving home and stepping on the lawn is a breakthrough, but we’re far from normal, because there are still no teamwork and training has a lot of care to prevent contagion.» It has been more complex to train from home. But we must all assume that it is a special situation, and for now we must take the measures and restrictions that they touch,» he added. Even the ’22’ of the blue frame recognized that «here in Spain the situation has been very difficult, with many deaths and the least we can do is take care of ourselves and set an example. I wish there was no social estrangement, but more I wish everyone was healthy. It’s everyone’s responsibility to add up.» Vidal was finally consulted by the start of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, postponed by the coronavirus. «It’s going to be hard for everyone. All selections will take a long time without getting together. We are a mature team, many of us have been playing together for over 10 years and that makes it easier to connect every time we have to get together. But the first thing is for this crisis to happen,» he concluded.

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