translated from Spanish: Women in Peru prison protest for fear of covid-19

Lima.- With the cry of “help,” a group of inmates at a women’s prison in Lima held a protest after a prey tested positive for coronavirus, police reported.” Please help us, we want doctors. We don’t want to die, help us,” chorrillos criminal interns shouted in videos broadcast on social media.

An intern in ward B of this prison tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, the newspaper El Comercio reported.To get the latest news about coronavirus, register by clicking on this space and we will send you the information instantly. The screams of women banging their cells can be heard several blocks away. Located south of Lima, the penal Annex Mujeres de Chorrillos has a population of about 500 inmates. You may also be interested: Nurse loses her life for covid-19 in MorelosIn this penalty is held former mayor of Lima Susana Villarán for the corruption scandal Odebrecht. According to the authorities, at least 30 prisoners have been killed by COVID-19 and more than 645 have been infected in overcrowded Peruvian prisons. The epidemic also affects 224 prison guards, including seven dead. You may also be interested: Disneyland Shanghai reopens visitors after covid-19 Fear of the virus caused riots and a severe crisis due to the lack of health supplies in prisons. The most serious mutiny occurred in late April at the Miguel Castro Castro prison in eastern Lima, where nine inmates were killed and 67 wounded among prisoners, prison guards and policemen. According to the Ministry of Justice, there are 97,000 prisoners in the country’s 68 prisons, representing an overpopulation of 50,000 inmates.

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