translated from Spanish: Minister of Economy and Covid-19 Credits: “Some banks are making more efforts than others”

The Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, in statements assigned by Emol, referred to the Covid-19 credits, which he said, is a process that is “on filming”.
Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance reported the delivery of 20 thousand credits with state guarantees, of which 98% was granted to small and medium-sized enterprises.
“We have seen some banks are making more efforts than other banks, that can be seen very clearly in the figures published by the Commission for the Financial Market,” the Economy holder said.
Regarding the selection of companies that can access the credits, Minister Palacios stated that “some banks are choosing steak, but they are not paying attention to the overstepped, and it turns out that when one cares only one part of the animal and not the other, he also needs an injection, in this case of capital liquidity , the whole animal can die.”
“This is an integrated system, which is behind this $24 billion state-guaranteed injection strategy at very convenient rates,” said Palacios, who also suggested that if there is no quick reaction with “well-placed” incentives, “obviously one may think of other alternatives or other incentives. But I have faith that everyone will finally live up to it.”

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