translated from Spanish: On the Internet they sell a BMW that belonged to Paul Walker

A few months ago a large number of collectible vehicles were added to the late actor Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Conner in the Rapids saga and Furiosos.No only in his role in the renowned film was a fan of irons, but also in real life. While several units were sold a few months ago and used by O’Conner, it seems that they were not all.

Now a BMW M3 E30 model 1991 appeared which is on sale on the eBay portal. In January of this year two other M3 E30s were already sold that belonged to the actor: one white also from 1991 and another 1988. The former reached $220,000, while the late 1980s sold for $165,000.

The price ordered for the 91 red model is $149,980. It seems to be in good condition with the original paint. The mileage is located in about 21,320 kilometers.  The current owner installed a 16-inch rim of an M3 Sport Evolution.Su mechanically equipped an atmospheric in-line four-cylinder engine that generates a power of 195 horsepower. You want to get it, you should only bid on the seller’s post. The mechanism is different since the vehicles in the collection were auctioned. In this note:

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