translated from Spanish: Pampita and Benjamin Vicuña remembered their daughter with touching images

This Friday, May 15, Blanca, the daughter of Pampita Ardohain and Benjamin Vicuña would turn 14 and none of her parents passed the date unnoticed. 

Everyone from their social networks chose a souvenir to share. The Chilean actor posted an unpublished photo of the little girl, with a heartbreaking message. «That look says it all. Happy birthday, my child,» she wrote, and the post was filled with likes and messages of encouragement from her followers.

Reminiscent of Benjamin Vicuña about his daughter, Blanca Photo: Instagram @benjavicunamori

For her part, Pampita opted for a video, in which the girl shares with her parents and with one of her younger siblings, Bautista. «Always in me,» Pampita wrote to accompany the images that show Blanca laughing and imitating characters and people her little brother is telling her. In the clip you can hear the voices of both the conductor and model, as well as her former partner Benjamin Vicuña.

Weeks ago, when social and preventative isolation by the pandemic began before the new coronavirus it was Vicuña who reflected on the painful period she lived in losing her daughter. 

«Today the whole world is fighting a virus that we know little about but they tell us that the main weapon to stop it is to stay home. Honestly it’s a difficult thing for everyone, but it doesn’t compare to the helplessness of not being able to save those you love, to losing a loved one. On September 8, 2012, my daughter Blanca died after battling an unknown bacterium. Nobody asked me anything, nobody could do anything. My worst enemy had no identity. No one could be foreseen or charged. ‘It’s in the air, it’s destiny, life.’ We’d all give our lives for a son. Obviously I would spend my whole life in quarantine if that had changed something almost 8 years ago,» the actor wrote on his social media, words laden with pain and feeling. Blanca died on 8 September 2012 at the age of six in the Intensive Treatment Unit of the Las Condes Clinic, in Santiago, Chile, where she was hospitalized with a picture of pneumonia, which was aggravated by a bacterium. Since then her parents remember her fondly and with recurring images and posts in her networks. In this note:

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