translated from Spanish: Norma Palafox shares photo showing off well-worked legs

Guadalajara.- The queen of Instagram is back, Norma Palafox was a few days without posting content and now that she does it turn on the social network with tremendous photo. The sonorense as is well known is a professional footballer and one of the essential activities in his work is to stay fit and work very well his body, mainly for health and better performance but also to be the life of many. You may be interested: Norma Palafox premieres her new facet away from football in Tik TokY that part understands her very well. Now Chivas Femenil’s move shared a couple of pictures on his Instagram account where he is seen showing off his marked and working legs. Clarifying that they are a fundamental part of their profession and that they must therefore be well cared for. 
The red-white man shared the snapshots while wearing black clothes and a white sneakers to generate that contrast, in addition to the characteristic smile on her face. The post was immediately commented by friends, family and football fans as well as the beauty of the player. In less than 24 hours the publication has reached almost 300 thousand likes and more than a thousand comments. On Instagram that is its network with the most followers is nothing to reach the figure of 2 million users in its account, which makes it the most influential footballer. 
Norma for now, plus sharing big photos also continues to work on her possible return to football and does not lower her hand until she has a good physical condition that will help her be among the best when her league resumes. 

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