translated from Spanish: Black and white would maintain a position not to continue negotiating with players

Yesterday the Colo Colo campus notified the Directorate of Labour of the intention to give in to their demands regarding the pay cut and propose a new mediation meeting with Black and White (ByN), a concessionaire that is represented in this case by Vice President Harold Mayne-Nicholls.Through a letter published by the Sifup, the first team of the ‘Cacique’ indicated that “we want to express the intention to reach an agreement with the concessionaire and , through established mediation, end a conflict that only affects our beloved institution.” Players stepped back in their stance of wanting 100% of what is discounted by the crisis in the future. The campus undertakes to “assign a percentage in the salary rebate proposed by the employer and, in turn, accept that the return of those discounts is not complete”. Although no amount was given, it transcended that footballers would be willing to receive between 88% and 92% return depending on the salary bracket. However, since ByN they pointed out to Emol on Tuesday that they will not change their stance, and will not continue to negotiate with first-team players. As reported by the aforementioned means, for the concessionaire to give in, the campus must accept the first offer made on 7 April last, that is, that they are reinstated 50% of the discounted from January 1st and until September 30, 2020.From Black and White indicated to Emol that “last Thursday the president (Abalní Mosa) said very clearly that time was up and we withdrew from the table negotiations.”

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