translated from Spanish: Prodecon will hold online courses and workshops

Upon the entry into force on June 1st of the value added tax (VAT) collection to digital platforms operating in the country, the Taxpayer Defense Attorney’s Office (PRODECON) will hold a series of online seminars to advise those who provide their services through this type of applications. Through the Webinar entitled «Tax obligations of natural persons who dispose of goods, provide services, grant lodging, use or temporary enjoyment of goods through technological platforms», the Ombudsperson seeks to guide service providers to know what their tax obligations are and how to comply with them.

The session will be held on Monday, May 25 at 13:00 hours in the center of the country and will be given by Lorena Mayela Landeros Solorio and Gabriela Romero Sánchez, DELEGATEs of PRODECON in Jalisco and Guanajuato respectively, which will be moderated by Rafael Gómez Garfias, incumbents of the Subprocuration of Systemic Analysis and Regulatory Studies.Meanwhile, on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 workshops will be held regarding the topic and interested parties will be able to follow the Webinar on the Zoom video calling platform to participate with doubts and / or comments, as well as on YouTube live. It is important to stress that this reform is part of the amendments approved by the Legislative Power to the Value Added Tax Act to collect VAT for the services provided by foreign digital platforms in Mexico, but this does not imply the creation of a new tax or the increase in fees; however, such operations and services involve thousands of individuals working for large national and transnational companies that need to know more about it.

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