translated from Spanish: Abortions can fall into addictions and are left with crude morale: MP

In a discussion on initiatives on the decriminalization of abortion, which are expected to be discussed at the Guanajuato Congress plenary on May 26, local panist MP Luis Antonio Magdaleno said that women who abort are left with «moral raw» for resorting to this procedure and may even fall into addictions.
«There are studies that even show that women who get to have an abortion can also have disorders, personal disorders, where they can cause addictions to alcohol, to the drug, they can even cause suicide,» the legislator said in session by video call.
«Even if you find it strange, if you know a woman who has miscarried, try to listen to her, and see that they do psychologically are left with a crude moral,» he added.

Here PAN MP Luis Antonio Magdaleno Rosales speaking against #AbortoLegalGuanajuato:
— Fernando Velázquez (@FernandoV_mx) May 25, 2020

At another point in his speech, he said that according to WHO, between 2010 and 2014 there were more than 50 million abortions worldwide, and «this clearly does speak that it is genocide, and that is one of the serious things that affect our whole society.»
In addition, he accused doctors being violent in places like Mexico City by forcing them to perform abortions even if they do not agree to do them.

Feminist mobilization is advancing throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Guanajuato is close to becoming the third Mexican state, along with Mexico City and Oaxaca, to decriminalize voluntary abortion. #AbortoLegalGuanajuato and #SeráLeyGuanajuato
— #AbortoLegal2020 ? (@CampAbortoLegal) May 24, 2020

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