translated from Spanish: Dalma Maradona and a strong complaint about Diego: “Even that’s what you’re going to deprive him of?”

Dalma Maradona shocked the nets in the last few hours with a strong statement. “I do this public because the environment of my dad all that matters is not to look bad publicly,” he began, saying to unveil a delicate new episode.

“So could any of you be so kind and pass me my dad’s new number? Because every time he talks to my sister or me, they change it. Thank you!” he reported in a tweet that over the course of the minutes the impact increased.

Dalma Maradona’s Twitter report

The claim continues: “Unlike you may think I do not ask for anything or fill her head, we only speak and show my daughter on camera! Are they even going to deprive him of that?” And she asked not to look for her, but to get in touch with her and “give me my dad’s new number!” “If it can be before Father’s Day, better,” he said.

Dalma Maradona’s Twitter report

Following Dalma’s words, it apparently wouldn’t be the first time an episode of these characteristics has occurred. As expressed by the actress, it would be a mechanism in which both she and her sister Gianinna Maradona are taken away from her.” This one is very old and they’ve done it a thousand times! ‘Diego your daughters don’t call you anymore’, ‘They forgot about you,'” acknowledged the actress who ended up bluntly: “I just don’t smoke anymore now! I’m going to try the office. Jets.”

Dalma Maradona’s Twitter report

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