translated from Spanish: Latin Lover is now the sexiest grandfather and unbanks Maribel Guardia

The one who just became a grandfather at 52 and is full of happiness is Latin Lover, who showed on social media the little one named Victor, but unsurprisingly comparisons in show business began. As everyone knows Maribel Guardia and Sharis Cid were noted on social networks as the sexiest grannies of the show, but such seems that the driver arrived to unsettle them, because at 52 years it remains as if he were 30, making it clear that exercise and good food have a wonderful effect.

The most thing we can do is learn to enjoy every stage of our lives (childhood, youth, maturity and old age). Carrying for the first time my grandson Victor Alexander I do not tire of thanking God for so many blessings, the actor wrote about his first grandson.

In the meantime the netizens congratulated the also fighter who in addition to being congratulated for being congratulated for premiering as a grandfather also received compliments for how young he looks, and it is no surprise that from a very young age the famous takes care of his physical.

«The coolest grandpa», «The most handsome grandpa in the world», «Chido that your grandfather is the LatinLover hahaha», «Blessings that bonito I can enjoy», wrote to the histrión on his social networks. They don’t fall behind
Meanwhile Maribel Guardia continues to take care of the title of the sexiest grandmother, since at 61 she is one of the most beautiful and best preserved women so she does not miss the moment to look with her grandson, who is the adoration of the actress.
For her part Sharis Cid, 49, does not fall behind and looks on her social networks totally natural proving that not because she is a grandmother she is seen as an older woman but as someone jovial who despite several blows in life has tried to get ahead.

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