translated from Spanish: Morena opens investigation against Polevnsky for ‘lacks of regulation’

The National Commission on Honesty and Justice of Morena will open ex officio proceedings against the Secretary-General, Yeidckol Polevnsky, for alleged omissions and misconduct of the party’s rules as national leader and not to hand over the required information supporting the purchase of property and real estate from the political institute.
This was reported by the party’s governing body in an information note on Saturday, June 20, following the agreement of the National Executive Committee on the report submitted “after having requested the full delivery of documentation of the purchase of movable and immovable property”.
This stems from the criminal complaint brought by Morena against Yeidckol Polevnsky, for having authorized the payment of 395 million pesos to two companies for infrastructure works that were not carried out. So they seek to have the crime of property damage and money laundering faked.
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In the complaint filed by the party’s leader and legal representative, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, Polevnsky is accused of having ordered the party’s Finance Secretariat in December to sign two contracts for maintenance services and various infrastructure works with companies belonging to Grupo Ebor, of the businessman Enrique Borbolla García.
The amount of these contracts amounted to 395 million pesos that were covered in their entirety just two days after the contracts were signed. The problem, the complaint highlights, is that these works and works were not actually executed even though the money was paid in full.
In the briefing note, the Morena party refers that the Commission requested on 16 June “all evidence concerning applications, offices, agreements, requirements, as well as any other documentation deemed necessary, issued by the National Executive Committee and notified to Polevnsky”.
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And although on 19 June the party president, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar submitted the requested information, the committee agreed to initiate the procedure ex officio “for compliance with the required information”.
This happens while the criminal complaint is taking its course, as the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has already started the investigation folder for the possible crime of peculado and other acts of corruption that will be assumed by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in Combating Corruption (FECC). And if other crimes are committed in the development, the Prosecutor’s Office will give part to other bodies.
However, FGR authorities explained that the crime of operations with resources of illicit origin (money laundering) can only be formally reported by the Ministry of Finance. Hence, we will have to wait for the conduct of the investigations to determine whether or not the illicit illegality is configured.
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