translated from Spanish: Lacalle Pou, after the re-opening in Uruguay: «We relaxed a little and backed off»

After being one of the countries that best handled the pandemic in South America, without having completed a total quarantine, Uruguay faces a respter of coronavirus cases in Thirty-Three, so President Luis Lacalle Pou gave a press conference from that department.» We relax a little, we see it in the nets, everywhere; We recoiled some lockers. It forces us to pause, to go back everything necessary; the truth is that we do it with regret but it is our duty,» said the representative, who took office on March 1. One could foresee that if we were in the environment of 12 cases (with the active infection) and if we followed that line that did not follow, in a month and a half or two Uruguay could raise the health emergency», said Lacalle Pou, while stressing that «the case of Thirty-Three serves the whole country».
«We were celebrating zero cases, we were celebrating a case, but it turns out that overnight we have 18 cases», which «gives us the clear signal that this is not won, that this is nowhere near,» he remarked and at the same time highlighted the new measures that will be taken to control the situation in the west department of the country. For this reason, a press release reported that Thirty-Three will govern the suspension of classes in all its facets until July 3. In addition, there will be five checkpoints in the entrance to the city, swabing to all those quarantined by close contacts with positives and a work of random testing of 1000 citizens. The outbreak was detected this weekend and by Saturday they already totaled 14 cases. Saturday was already 19 active cases and this Sunday they amounted to 37. Uruguay, so far, accounted for 876 confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which 25 were fatal and 814 managed to be cured.

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