translated from Spanish: The story of Pancho, the carpenter who revolutionized all of Santa Fe

Pancho, is a carpenter who for 5 years has lived with a family in the town of Santa Fe, its owner an 8-year-old girl, is usually seen with the pet sunbathing, or playing on the sidewalk. And although Pancho is the star mascot of the neighborhood. Last Friday, an anonymous complaint came to the authorities about the possession of the animal. The National Gendarmerie, went to the address reported with an order to remove the animal from the house and take it to a farm. Upon learning of this, Juan, the father of the family, and who would have adopted the carpenter to give it to his daughter, made a note to a radio phone, next to the little one to request that they not take the animal”Here in the neighborhood everyone wants it, everyone takes care of it. It’s not an animal that’s wrong. I understand that you can’t have it, but I got it when I was a kid… one raised him. They’re going to take him, for what? To die on the farm?” commented Juan. But the moment that captivated all the listeners was when the girl, hugged to the carpenter, wept downsidely asking them not to take him away. 

☝️ PANCHO, THE CARPINCHO THAT REVOLUTIOND SANTA FE⠀ An 8-year-old girl in the San Martín neighborhood, Santa Fe, got Gendarmería Nacional not to take Pancho, the carpenter they adopted with their family 5 years ago. Last Friday, some people saw him drive down the street and communicated with security forces, but the heartbroken cry of the girl and the presence of neighborhood neighbors put pause for the situation. ⠀ In the end, the officers left and Pancho stayed with the family. Although it is unusual and can also be very tender, it opens up an important debate Is that house the place that Pancho has to be?⠀
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The debate opened, after the radio show aired Manuel Jaramillo, executive director of the Wildlife Foundation, who criticized the presence of the carpenter in a family and said, “Carpenters can live with humans, but the important question is whether they should live with humans? They are actually wild species that should not be domesticated and subjected to mascotism,” he said and discouraged the adoption of these animals.

By the time the note ended, more than 100 people noticed the house where the animal resides, to support the family and thus prevent them from taking it away.  When the gendarmes tried to capture the animal, the neighbors hugged the cage and made it impossible for the officers to reach it. 

Eventually the forces withdrew, leaving Pancho with his family. But the debate is open…Is it OK to tame a wild animal?

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