translated from Spanish: Drug viacrucis live in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Filling a prescription in the middle of the pandemic becomes a real viacrucis for seniors, who require their drugs to treat their chronic degenerative ills.

Dozens of IMSS users got up early to line up on the esplanade of Zona General Hospital (HGZ) 3, but lack of organization and having only two doctors to prepare prescriptions, despaired and tired attendees.
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In addition to the high temperatures, it caused one of the rightholders to vanish, falling to the ground and banging on his head. For several minutes no one cared for him, and despair and fear gripped the users who demanded the presence of a doctor. There were cries, “a doctor, a doctor”, they asked, it was until when a nurse arrived, who was apparently going to start shifts, who came to see him and entered him for examination;  fortunately it wasn’t very serious.

Rightholders waiting to enter through the medicines. . Photo: Victor Hugo Olivas/EL DEBATE

Long wait
Carmen Medina, leaning on a walker, waits for her shift a few meters from the entrance to the hospital. She says she’s tired, she came for her treatment for hypertension and diabetes. Three months ago he was given treatment, already sold out and this Monday he had an appointment to have the prescription extended so that he could supply it in a pharmacy. Today because of the pandemic they can’t see them by their doctor, they only give them the prescription. However, it is only two doctors to view files and prepare the prescriptions, this meant that the wait was long, explained Mrs Medina, who arrived at 9:00 hours and it was already 13:00 and still did not enter for the drugs. The wait, the heat and tiredness, “Sorry to faint,” said the lady who fortunately at that moment appointed her to enter the Mexican Social Security Institute at the pharmacy. Yes, there’s medicine
Martha Alicia Lisarraga went for her mother’s medicines, which suffers from diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.
He was one of the first to arrive and left after 1 p.m. He emphasized that there are medicines in Social Security. However, they are not organized and it is very tortuous to enter. There are older adults who have no support, so they wait hours to be cared for and she is very tired, emphasized Monica Sanchez. They expect IMSS to change the strategy for the delivery of medicines and not expose more to their successors, who are older people and there is still the threat of COVID-19. You may be interestedDelimiting spaces on the beaches of Mazatlan to preserve the healthy distanceTians de la Juárez canceled its reopening in MazatlanPese on alert, more travelers come to Mazatlan

Original source in Spanish

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