translated from Spanish: 85 years ago Mercedes Sosa «La Voz» was born

Mercedes Sosa was born in a humble home of San Miguel de Tucumán. At the age of 15, gladlys Osorio won her first contest organized by LV12 in Tucumán. Then, along with her husband Manuel Oscar Matus, they did concerts at the University and so began to set foot on stage with an audience that responded satisfactorily. But it was not until years later, that he had his first big opportunity by the hand of the singer Jorge Cafrune, who came to participate in the National Folklore Festival of Cosquín in 1965, and where not only his home province and surroundings, they were able to know the immense talent of Mercedes, but already, the whole country. Thus marking the beginning of a career that would have no roof. 

His artistic and personal skills surprised an audience accustomed to something else. That same year the Matus label released on an independent label that would be Mercedes Sosa’s first album: «Songs with Foundation».
«Mercedes: this day changes my whole life. You are a light, a voice that will awaken us always. Thank you!» Luis Alberto Spinetta

Today to remember this woman who was admired and embraced by the geniuses of music of all time, such as Luis Alberto Spinetta, Joan Manuel Serrat, Charly García, Gustavo Cerati, Caetano Velozo among others. 

We remember her with one of her last works «Cantora», which was a double album where her best songs meet, with other greats from the music scene. 
«Mercedes is THE VOICE and incorporates in its voice all those landscapes»
Gustavo Cerati

Volume I, and in June 2009, volume II, was released on March 27, 2009.
«Mercedes Sosa is a national heritage, not just Argentines, it is a national heritage of Latin America and is a world heritage» Joan Manuel Serrat

Mercedes Sosa died on 4 October 2009, aged 74.

Listen on Spotify Cantora Vol.I here

Listen on Spotify Cantora Vol.II here

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