translated from Spanish: Nine neighborhoods of Buenos Aires account for 60% of coronavirus cases

With a total of 21,048 confirmed cases of coronavirus, nine porteños neighborhoods accumulate 60% of the infected and the communes of the south, 1, 4, 7 and 8, are the most affected, according to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the City disclosed this morning. Flores continues to lead the ranking with 4,454 active cases, and the list completes it: Retirement with 3,123; Villa Lugano with 3,104; Barracks with 2,778; Balvanera with 2,172; Villa Soldati with 1,728; Palermo with 1,292; Almagro with 1,240 and New Pompeii with 1,157.

The bulletin indicated that they are searching the most affected neighborhoods for the most infected neighborhoods to isolate them and stop the spread of the virus: “The realization of mobile active search devices in neighborhoods in the southern part of the City increases the incidence (of positive cases) of these areas,” he said. For its part, Flores accumulates 13% of the victims of the district and Retiro with almost 1500 cases less, concentrates 9%, with incidence of the neighborhood Padre Carlos Mugica (ex villa 31): “The increase in Retreat is due to the grouping of cases in the Barrio Padre Mugica (product of the increase in notification and active search), which presents the majority of notifications” , explained the document. The neighborhoods with the highest incidence are Villa Lugano, with 9% of the cases, and Barracas, with 8%, while Balvanera accumulates 6%, Villa Soldati 5%, Palermo 4%, Almagro 4% and New Pompeii 3%.

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