translated from Spanish: Sedesoh holder uploads people to his social networks

Morelia, Michoacán. Less than two months after the electoral process begins, several political figures and social media officials have been noticed, boasting their «humanism», their support for the inhabitants and even paubing Facebook posts to get more support.
Among them are officials from the Government of Michoacán such as the Secretary of Government, Carlos Herrera Tello, and Juan Carlos Barragán Vélez, head of the Secretariat for Social and Human Development (Sedesoh). The latter published a couple of days ago photographs in which several young women are seen carrying in the middle of some flooded streets in the Torremolinos colony, of this city, Morelia.
«Every year, the rains in Morelia pose a threat to the heritage and integrity of many families, through the Sedesoh contingency program, we help evacuate and safely families in the Torremolinos colony,» reads the Facebook post, as the official carries different women on his back.
The secretary is very active in social networks, promoting his image, because it is no secret that Barrán Vélez has long been searching for the mayor of the Capital Of Michoacana.
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Posted by Juan Carlos Barragán Vélez on Thursday, July 9, 2020

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