translated from Spanish: Seven suspects arrested for the rape and murder of teen Rocío Vera

Five older males and two minors were arrested and will be formally charged on Friday for the rape and subsequent murder of Rocío Vera. The teenager was two months pregnant and was found on a wasteland in the city of Reconquista. The prosecutor in the case, Aldo Gerosa, assured the Télam news agency that “in principle, apparently, there would have been sexual assault on the part of all the actors.” He added that body fluid samples were taken and are awaiting study. In the young woman’s autopsy, it was determined that she “had a fracture in her jaw and another in the frontal bone,” plus “a brain edema caused with a wood element.” The prosecutor noted that the seven detainees are in the capacity of the Rocío murder, triple aggravated by a number of reasons, including gender-based violence, consummate and concealing a crime (sexual abuse) and the premeditated contest of two or more people, to which “sexual abuse and an abortion” is added, since the teenage girl was pregnant. He also stated that at the scene was abducted “a blunt element, which could be linked to this fact” and that after the arrests, raids were made in which material that may be related to the fact was seized, such as clothing that “would appear to have small blood maculas.” I don’t want to give a lot more detail because the fact is really rough and we are in the presence of the parents, and I have not been able to talk to them to know what their status is and the share of information they think needs to give in this state,” the prosecutor lamented. For his part, The lawyer of Rocío’s family, Gabriel Micheloud, stated that “there is nothing but life imprisonment” for the defendants, considering that “there are plenty of evidence” against him. On minors, the lawyer advanced that he would request that they be placed in a high school and that when they reach older they “meet the sentence behind bars”. In the meantime, Rocío’s mother, Nilda Valenzuela, said: “We ask for justice, nothing more, because we are no longer going to get her back, we want Justice and we want to see them behind bars.” In addition, he told the defendants only knew by sight and that his daughter “had no ties to anyone, did not marry them and never went to that house. She was forced into that house, otherwise she couldn’t go.” The case
Last Sunday at 9pm Rocío Magalí Vera, 14, and 2 months pregnant, reported her missing as in the morning the groom had stopped by her home, but then they did not hear from her. This Monday afternoon, the Reconquest Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the discovery of his lifeless body. Currently, Griselda Delbón, in charge of the Juvenile Court of that locality, is in charge of the case.

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