translated from Spanish: Amazing: Carlos Menem and Zulema Yoma remarry

How to forget the divorce scandal of then President Carlos Menem and the one that was First Lady Zulema Yoma. In which the first representative had thrown her out to the mother of her children. Before all that, in 1966 more precisely on September 7 they married and the fruit of that relationship were born their two sons Carlos Jr and Zulemita Menem until the marriage put an end in 1991. The two went through the mourning over the death of Carlitos Jr, and why Zulema had a confrontation with the former president for years. Let us remember that Zulema maintains a firm conviction that the death of his son was not an accident as a figure in the cause, but of an attack in revenge against his father, something like an adjustment of accounts.» Zulema was a fervent fighter to get to the truth of what her son died when he fell with a helicote.

But thanks to her daughter Zulemita, the rapprochement between the parents was oiled over time and the relationships were healing. Grandmazgo united them and it seems that the result of this would have them again in front of a justice of the peace to remarry. Mauricio D’Lassandro, panelist of «Fantino in the afternoon», confirmed today that Zulema and Carlos «marry next week» and added: «He marries Zulema Yoma. They’re getting married next week. You can go out and disprofer. But the reality is that it is the triumph of love. I don’t say it for getting into people’s lives because I think it’s an incredible love story,» the lawyer said, «They divorced with papers and married Cecilia Bolocco. Her act of love is that she’s been with him over the years. They live in separate homes. Zulema never stopped loving him because he forgave everything,» he concluded. 

Let us remember that Menem is going through a difficult moment of health, with several hospitalizations, and today he is again hospitalized in the Sanatorio Los Arcos. If his former president and senator’s pensions were married, he would go to Zulema. Although the lawyer stated that» they don’t do it for money, they’re people who don’t need it, love triumphed here.» 

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