translated from Spanish: Miriam Lanzoni abused in an alleged casting: “It was traumatic”

Miriam Lanzoni recounted that she experienced a situation of abuse that she experienced at 19, when a man told her that she was going to try it in a casting to star in a film because she saw her “potential.”” I had only one traumatic experience. It happened to me with a person I worked with, who offered me a movie and a script. Imagine how I fell,” Miriam began by counting on Mitre Live.” When he took me the script, he wanted to seduce me and induce me to touch and caress him. It was horrible,” he said, adding, “You’re totally out of mind versus a 50-man, who’s laburando in the middle. That tells you he’s going to help you. There’s a game of your illusions, with your work and your need.”

Giving details of the situation, he said, “He came and asked me if I didn’t have a baby doll. I was with a jean. He says, ‘Well, I come in, I’m your stepfather and I’m going to lie on a bed, I’m hurt,’ because he was a cop in the movie and I had to cure him.'” And he says, ‘You’re cleaning me up, and that’s what you get confused about and start kissing me. I’m going to be with my shirt open. Come down and, when you’re about to do oral sex, I’ll say ‘what are you doing?'” he went on. She tried to make the scene and, when I was healing him, the man asked him to kiss him, even though Miriam refused: “And there she said to me, ‘Look, if you don’t get along here, with the producers and all the people watching, it’s going to be hard, I’m playing it for you.'” Imagine my heart and my head saying, ‘Will it be like this, do I have to play it?'” the actress said of the doubts that crossed her mind, before marking that, luckily, today the castings are “increasingly cared for.”

Original source in Spanish

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