translated from Spanish: Opposition calls Allamand’s decision an «act of realism» and calls on Piñera to enact the withdrawal of funds so that people start withdrawing their 10%

As an «act of political realism» they listed in the opposition the announcement of Senator RN Andrés Allamand not to appeal to the Constitutional Court for the withdrawal of pension funds clearly dispatched this day with an overwhelming majority of 116 votes.
For PPD’s head of bench, Raúl Soto, «if the parliamentarians of Chile Vamos decided not to go to the Constitutional Court it is not because they want to side with the citizenry, but because they ran out of legal arguments and without political floors».
Soto added that with the level of support that the project had – including 35 votes from Chile Vamos – in officialism they assumed that «they cannot take it down», given that it is a «categorical and irreversible triumph».

In this scenario, House Constitution Commission Chairman Matthias Walker (DC) recalled that the vote «was even higher than the maximum quorum required by the Constitution, there is nothing to discuss regarding the constitutionality of this reform, the President must enact it and not turn against the majority will expressed in Congress.»

For his part, The Vice-President of the Chamber Rodrigo González (PPD) argued that «Allamand’s statements are a recognition of the vast majority of citizens who have supported this constitutional reform». «We call on the Government not to have a confrontational position and to accept that the law must be passed and enacted and implemented as quickly as possible,» he said.
Soto insisted that «there is also no political floor for a veto, therefore a call to President Piñera to respect the sovereign will expressed in Congress and promulgate it with a sense of urgency in the coming so that hopefully from next Monday will begin to be executed and people start withdrawing their 10%.»

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