translated from Spanish: Tini Stoessel on his separation from Sebastian Yatra and the influence of quarantine

May 16 was the day Sebastian Yatra and Tini Stoessel chose to announce their separation on their social media. Both shared the same message at the same time to spread the sad news. There were rumors of thirds in discord, new themes from both artists and hints at the releases. It all happened in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and Tini revealed how they were affected by estrangement amid the crisis they were going through as a couple. They planned to record a series together, but the virus didn’t allow it: «Quarantine caught him in Colombia and me here.»

«It would have been good to take advantage of that time to reconnect as a couple. Distance never helps: there was a need to chat personally. We would have loved it to be like this, but we didn’t have a chance,» the singer told Gente. The two resolved that the healthiest thing was to end the relationship and process this moment with the families nearby. Regarding the positives of the relationship, he remarked: «Finding a person on a way of life similar to mine made me feel comfortable, light. It was not having to explain anything: not what a tour is about, nor the times that the promotion takes, why so many press conferences,» adding, «It’s very difficult, not impossible, to balance life with someone who doesn’t belong in this microworld.»

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