translated from Spanish: Cristiano Ronaldo boasts his incredible $3.5 million Bugatti Chiron

Italy.- More comfortable from home, Cristiano Ronaldo has been in charge of boasting one of his most important collections for him, which deals with his precious luxury cars. And what better than to remember that he owns one of the fastest cars in the world like the Bugatti Chiron and through his social networks he shared an image next to him where he is seen most relaxed. Over the past few weeks the Portuguese has taken the opportunity to spend more time at home to share it as a family and has made this clear with the constant photos with Georgina and her 4 children by the waters of Italy on the also luxurious yacht. But this time his car collection gains relevance as it is no secret that since he became one of the best players in the world and his fortune grew so also grew the number of cars in his garage. 
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Although the exact number of cars he has is unknown, in various interviews he has certain details in which at least the most luxurious brands have two models in his possession. This case one of the most prized by the Juventus striker is his Bugatti Chiron, although he has another one, that is his favorite and not only for his aesthetics and the exclusive but his specifications make him one of the most incredible cars on the market. 

The publication has already surpassed 9 million likes in 10 hours Photo taken from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram

At a cost of just over $3.5 million CR7 posted an image showing next to his black car with gray, recharged at the back, right where the tire rests. He without a T-shirt and a pose more than attractive and challenging to accompany her with the phrase, «You choose the view». This image has surpassed 9 million likes in just 10 hours of publication. But what makes Cristiano Ronaldo’s car so special
The Bugatti Chiron is one of the fastest sports cars in the world, its engine power is not surpassed or matched by some other model. With 1500 horsepower, the Bugatti can reach 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. For its little other novelties that impressed the Portuguese is that his car can break the barrier of 400 km/h very easily by reaching them at 34.6 seconds being able to demand them up to 490 km/h one of the most impressed speeds in supercars. Although it can reach this speed it has not been tested on any occasion by the player as it would take unnecessary risk in the event of an accident. Yet the taste for collecting them does not end and at the moment there is nothing else he likes more than being able to drive his own vehicles to pleasure. 

One of the recent family outings to get out of work Photo taken on the Instagram of Cristiano Ronaldo

In the world of sport, Ronaldo prepares his last match on Saturday 1 August where he receives Roma, although it is a single-way match since for 2 days the Juventus team was crowned lifting the ninth title in a row. Already with the Scudetto in the bag, all he could aspire to would be to try to catch up with Ciro Immobile who is one match away from becoming the top scorer in Serie A and winning the Golden Boot after surpassing Robert Lewandowsky’s 34 goals. Once they finish their participation in their domestic league they must prepare their match against Lyon who has the lead in the return of the 8th final of the Champions League that are about to be played within a few days on Italian lands. In the role Juventus should claim the victory considering that the French team has not had an official match just on Friday that they played against PSG in the League Cup final.

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Original source in Spanish

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