translated from Spanish: President of the Senate and sayings of Piñera on a plebiscite without “populism” in the Public Account: “It has become a slogan”

Senate President Adriana Muñoz (PPD) referred to the sayings issued by President Sebastián Piñera during the Public Account, who said a plebiscite without “populism” had to be made.
As he left the Congress room, Muñoz said that “populism has recently become a slogan, every time from Parliament and the public seek to advance in situations that are now urgent to deal with with dignity and justice the huge social crisis that is being lived.”
Muñoz added that “to describe populism initiatives that are of the origin of citizenship (…) it is not a very good tone for a debate and a dialogue as the President has so insistently called.”
“We are about populists for moving further in emergency postnatals, in the withdrawal of 10% of AFPs, also when the suspension of basic services is prohibited, but they are Parliament’s responses to real citizen demands, poverty, uncertainty. To chaly ourselves with populism, these initiatives are not right, to be populists when we want to move forward in what our representatives demand, it is not a good tone,” he added.
He also criticized the government’s healthcare line to combat Covid-19. On this, he noted that “a health strategy that in the way has criticism from various sectors, not only of the opposition, but of scientists, academics, the government’s own advisory council, is insisted on. So it’s strange that there’s no review, no sign of criticism of what’s being done in sanitary terms.”

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