translated from Spanish: Van Rysselberghe backs Piñera after public account criticism: «I heard the apologies. He didn’t say it verbatim.»

UDI President Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe backed President Sebastián Piñera after the opposition accused a lack of self-criticism for the public account speech in Valparaiso.
«Yesterday’s public account faithfully reflects a diagnosis, which in the last hundred years, in so few months, has never had so many events in a consecutive and concentrated way. I think it is completely pertinent to be able to account for everything that has been done and everything that has happened, and how we will be able to go forward to the future,» said the helmsman gremialista.
The senator also maintained that the mandate called for work in unity, using a «tone of unity, recognizing even those things that could be improved, such as timely delivery to families, but putting them in context that there is no country in the world that has not been able to deliver all the necessary aid, because the crisis we are experiencing is the greatest that has been experienced in recent times. I think that’s more like a political critique than a real diagnosis.»
Regarding criticism for the paragraph that was considered, but which Piñera ultimately did not say, about apologizing for the delay in the delivery of aid by the covid-19, the parliamentarian assured that the idea was present in her words.
«I heard the apologies he said. He did not say it verbatim, but that things could be done better and that those who criticized could be somewhat right, since the crisis that we are living is so great, that it is difficult to get there with all the help,» he argued.
«It seems to me that this is a gesture that you are making and that you should invite all political actors, including the opposition, to join in order to make the work that we are doing more and more better. Emphasizing criticism doesn’t help you move forward and improve the quality of life of people who are having more time today,» he added.

This morning, Van Rysselberghe met with interior minister Victor Perez, who held talks with the various directives of Chile’s Vamos en La Moneda parties to strengthen the government’s «new deal».
«I think each of us has a different vision, with many coincidences, but with nuances of how the future of our country can be comfortably confronted. However, we also understand that we all have to work together, and that is already being done,» the senator said.
Finally, the UDI’s command referred to the various frictions that have been generated in recent weeks between the official parties, stating that the different ideas are «understandable».
«It is completely legitimate that there are divergent views in different places, and that is why we are glad that the nominations that were made to replace the current Minister (Secretary-General of Government), Jaime Bellolio and the now Minister Victor Pérez are adequately valued,» he said.
In that line, he stated that rather than asking Pérez for things, as a party, they put themselves «at his disposal, because we believe that he is the chief of staff, because as much as he does well, he will do well for the government, and if the government is doing well, Chile will do well.»

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