translated from Spanish: Dtoke announced in a stream that he will not be sworn in to the Battle of the Roosters

Time ran and minutes in the stream passed, meanwhile, Dtoke on Twitch reacted to the best rhymes of Acru and together with all his fans went crazy with every bar the rapper released on the Fifth Step until at one point he stops the broadcast and reveals, «Sorry to all, but this year I will not be sworn in the Battle of the Roosters.» I’m going to tell you something, I’m not around. In the middle of this video I will make a clarification, sorry for not consulting anyone and I am well Luquitas (Lucas Cirilo, his manager), forgiveness to Fede Stuart (organizer of the Battle of Roosters) forgiveness for what I will say, this year I will not be sworn in, it is a decision I have just made», says Dtoke, who was champion in 2013 and 2015.

And it justified: «Being Papo, Dani, Stuart, Acru… I’m not going to be able to vote, I just made an account in my head while listening to the battles and I’m not going to be able to be objective. There are people who I admire too much and like: I’m not going to vote in a criteria way. I’m warning you now and you know that when I say something I don’t, I’m sorry to let you know here, explained the rapper from Rafael Calzada.

He finished the ad by saying that «this year put on the other lead backpack, we’re going to continue to enjoy this madman.» The truth is that Dtoke was sworn in five of the last six editions of the competition organized by Red Bull, he was only not sworn in 2015, when he signed up to compete and won.

The Battle of Los Gallos Argentina will be held without public on November 21 with the historical presence of the best freestylers of the scene: Acru, Brasita, Cacha, Dani, Klan, Mecha, MKS, Nacho, Papo, Rome, Sub, Stuart, Tata, Tiago, Wolf and Zaina.For the first time since 2015 you do not see such a hopeful list for fans, when the aforementioned Dtoke participated on that occasion , Kodigo, Papo, Tata, Acru and the big surprise: Shecka.

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