translated from Spanish: Coquimbo region adds 80 new cases and 3 people who died from Covid-19

In a new health balance, the area’s Health seremi, Alejandro García, reported 80 new cases of Covid-19, in the Coquimbo region, and 3 people who died from the disease.» I would like to report that unfortunately 3 people have died because of Covid-19 in the region, belonging to the commune of La Serena. So we send our heartfelt condolences to family members and loved ones,» said seremi García.As regards the detail of new cases the Health Authority reported that 11 correspond to La Serena, 37 to Coquimbo, 05 Andacollo, 01 Vicuña, 15 to Ovalle, 08 to Monte Patria, 02 to another region and 01 without notification in the Epivigila system.In addition, the health authority delivered a special message to the communes of the region that are quarantined.» For this weekend I want to reinforce the call for La Serena, Coquimbo and Ovalle so that people can respect health measures, especially reduce mobility, only in this way will we avoid new covid-19 contagions,» he said. For her part, the deputy director of Healthcare Management of the Coquimbo Health Service, Alejandra Alvarez, referred to the number of beds currently available in the Coquimbo region.» Today the occupancy of beds reaches 71%, since of the 1,202 beds of current end, 274 are available. As for the beds in the Critical Patient Units, we have 15 ICU beds and 16 ICU beds,» he said. On the report of patients hospitalized by Covid-19, he reported that 144 people remain in hospital as a result of the virus, 35 of whom are severe and connected to mechanical ventilation. Finally, in relation to health personnel affected by the virus, it was reported that there are 240 Health Service officials and 10 hospitals who have tested positive for the virus, and 140 are under preventive quarantine. While, in Primary Health Care, 36 officers have tested positive for the virus and 44 remain quarantined.

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