translated from Spanish: Lavín: “I think Chile no longer gives with right-wing or left-wing governments, that it is a government of national coexistence”

A group of mayors of Chile Vamos participated on Sunday in a meeting for the “Apruebo”, where they analyzed initiatives with a view to a new Constitution.Mayors Joaquín Lavín (Las Condes), Rodrigo Delgado (Central Station), Felipe Alessandri (Santiago), Germán Codina (Puente Alto), José Miguel Arellano (Father Hurtado), Eduardo Soto (Rancagua), Henry Campos (Talcahuano), Iván Campos (Melipilla) and Juan Eduardo Vera (Castro) headed this first event.” I think that more and more people from Chile Vamos are speaking in favor of ‘Apruebo’, I am happy with that, because that is what I want, and I also look at the process that comes as a process that is very necessary for Chile”, declared after the meeting Mayor Lavín to 24 Hours.In that sense, he declared that “there has to be a different Chile, a more equal and also a Chile that we agree on”. I think that is good for Chile, I believe that Chile no longer gives with right-wing governments or left-wing governments, that it is a government that I call national coexistence, that integrates different sectors and that incarnates the spirit of those 2/3 that are going to approve the constitution”, argued the community chief of Las Condes.

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