translated from Spanish: More than 400 claims received the Sernac during the first day of the Cyberday

Since Cyberday began, and until 06:30 on Tuesday, the National Consumer Service (Sernac) had received 416 complaints, mainly for lack of information regarding clearance prices, offers that would not be such real and some problems in transactions.
Sernac National Director Lucas Del Villar explained that it is still a developing process, although in general adequate behavior has been visualized by companies, with a few exceptions.
The authority detailed that the Service continues to monitor companies’ compliance with minimum floors, i.e.; that prices are adequately informed and the same at the beginning of the transaction as at the end; that advertising is true; indicated stock; and make the dispatch information clear.
Del Villar emphasized that Sernac expects companies that are participating in this event to be professionals also in the post-sale, especially that they compromise clearance deadlines that can meet or report any problems in a timely manner.
Delayed delivery of products has been one of the biggest problems of e-commerce during the pandemic.
SERNAC has a good practice agreement with the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), which aims precisely to ensure that participating companies meet consumer expectations.
Del Villar recalled that work is under way to deliver new rights in this area through a Regulation of the Ministry of the Economy, including the requirement to report price history; the values of the products are published with the included offices; and the obligation to respond to intermediaries, among other aspects.
Sernac also stated that it is developing a Collective Voluntary Procedure with the three main retail companies to address the delay in dispatches.

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