translated from Spanish: FondEN and FOEDEN aid will arrive at the coast of Jalisco for the nearly 20,000 affected by Hernan

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- On the coasts of Jalisco already add 19 thousand 968 people affected by Tropical Storm Hernán who left heavy rains on the 26th, August 27 and 28, so the State Government has announced that aid from the National Natural Disaster Fund (FONDEN) will soon reach the 7 damaged municipalities, which will be in addition to that of the State Natural Disaster Fund (FOEDEN) that has already begun to be delivered and which is still missing to be given.» For the support of affected communities it is estimated to be in the middle of the current month (September) when FOEDEN checks may be being delivered to the affected population», it is read in a community that the Government of Jalisco has published on its website.
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During a meeting held yesterday by the Secretary General of Government, Finance, Infrastructure and Public Works, Education, Social Assistance and the Director General of Civil Protection and Jalisco Firefighters, fondEN’s support was announced that will immediately begin to be sent to communities in the municipalities of La Huerta, Cuautitlán de García Barragán, Cabo Corrientes and Cihuatlán, where there are still 58 communities incommunicado.
«Immediate supports were approved for 4 thousand 989 pantries, 8 thousand mats, 4 thousand 989 cleaning kits, 4 thousand 989 personal grooming kits and 159 thousand 664 liters of water»

Faced with the damage of at least 674 homes, there are still 101 people who remain under the roof of six shelters, so the Jalisco DIF System still keeps two mobile kitchens enabled to feed those who lost everything.
«So far the losses are as follows: refrigerators (1047), washing machines (904), stoves (759), living rooms (594), base and double mattresses (2,473) bases and individual mattresses (833), among others.» 

The Government of Jalisco reported, however, clarified that «the census is still continued in affected communities.»

They bring aid to communities in the coastal area of Jalisco affected by Tropical Storm Hernan

During the meeting, it was established that approximately 6.5 kilometres of state road would be carried out by the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP), as there have been several roads that have been damaged, which has forced the use of helicopters from the Government of the State and the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) to bring more than a thousand 082 pantries to the affected families. You may also be interested:Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office detects two other fraudulent financials; there are 8 detaineesIn Jalisco, they release researcher linked to ‘levantones’ during marches by Giovanni LópezCoronavirus Jalisco today September 5: 44 deaths and 692 new contagions reported the SSJ

Original source in Spanish

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