translated from Spanish: These were the results of the second day of FMS Chile

After an extensive second day, it came to an end and, thus, the table of the Chilean Freestyle Master Series was able to make its proper movements. One MC up, two down and others in the same post. In this note, review the results of the second date of FMS Chile and see how the table looked.
After the presentation of the juries and the minutes of each of the competitors, Cayu, the host of the league, gave way to the first battle: Ricto vs Theorema.In it, they faced the champion of last season with the favorite of the second. After a close battle, the jury led the battle to the retort, where Ricto ended up imposing himself. The second battle took place between Esezeta and El Menor, the ascended surprise against last year’s surprise, respectively. Unlike the previous one, this confrontation had no aftershock, as Esezeta prevailed over El Menor, who is unable to find his highest level.
By the middle of the day, Cayu gave way to Pepe Grillo and Tom Crowley. Undoubtedly, this was one of the most acclaimed battles by the public (who, of course, lived the event from home). Both showed a level and even completed the rhymes in random mode. While Tom awarded a level above that expected, Pepe prevailed and achieved direct victory. For the fourth battle, Nitro and Joqerr took the stage. This was the longest battle, as the end result came only after two aftershocks: Joqerr winner.

The battle that closed the night was Riddle vs Jokker, two of the audience’s biggest favorites as well. While Jokker played a good role, riddle’s experience and boards showed off and didn’t give the newly promoted a chance. So came the table after the second day:
Pepe Grillo – 6 points (713)
Ricto – 5 points (711)
Esezeta – 5 points (609.5)
Riddle – 3 points (711)
Theorem – 3 points (667)
Joqerr – 3 points (667)
Tom Crowley – 2 points (667)
Nitro – 2 points (633)
Jokker – 1 point (656.5)
El Menor – 0 points (547)

What did you think of this second day? For you, who will be the championship candidates? 

Original source in Spanish

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