translated from Spanish: Gas: extend for 60 days the obligation to take the lowest consumption in three years

The National Gas Regulatory Body (Enargas) extended until the end of October the obligation for gas distributors by networks to use as a parameter the lowest record of the same period of the last three years to estimate the consumption of their users and issue the respective ballots.

The measure was formalized through Resolution 247/2020, published on Monday in the Official Gazette, which extends for the second time the 60-day period originally established at the end of last April. At that time, the Ente provided for the new estimated measurement modality to be adopted by providers of the networked gas distribution service, in the context of social isolation, preventive and mandatory by coronavirus.

In this way, the Enargas established that “in cases where they consider consumption under the Distribution Service Regulations, providers must make that estimate using the lowest consumption record for the same period of 2017, 2018 and 2019 for residential and non-residential users who have been unable to use the intended mechanisms”.

According to the regulations of the distribution service, licensees may estimate the volume of gas supplied to the user, when in different circumstances the meter reading cannot be accessed and send the user an invoice with estimated consumption. For their part, users who have historical consumption data less than one year are entitled to take the reading of their meters and forward to the distributor the respective data as an affidavit for billing.
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