translated from Spanish: The leader of the “quarantine gang” is arrested

This is “El Gordo Ale”, identified as Hugo Alejandro Álvarez (48), the detainee is accused of being part of the so-called “Quarantine Gang”. This gang is alleged to have committed between March and August of last year at least five kidnappings for extortion in the western part of the conurbation, for which it collected 1,603,000 pesos and $43,400 in ransoms. Álvarez was apprehended at the exit of the San Gerónimo neighborhood of Corrientes, when he was aboard his vehicle. “El Gordo Ale” led and was part of the elaboration and execution of various crimes committed in the western area of Greater Buenos Aires such as “kidnappings for extortion, illicit association and robbery in town and in gang.” In addition, as reported by Telam, four defendants were identified as Alejandro Gabriel Fatu (31), alleged leader of the organization and nicknamed “Mono”; Sergio Gabriel Vandamme (42); Gloria Isabel Benítez (43) and Mario Raúl Pérez (40). The prosecutor described the association as “The criminal gang was characterized by having a sufficient degree of organization and logistics that allowed them to carry out different types of criminal events. In this criminal way, the gang managed to win high-value booties, including cash in national and foreign currency.” According to the investigation, the gang used to intercept their victims a Toyota Corolla car or Volkswagen T-Cross or Honda HR pickup trucks, which had been previously stolen and which they then conditioned to commit the acts with the change or adulteration of their patent plates, to intercept their victims. The “Quarantine Gang” raised 1,603,000 pesos and $43,400 in ransoms or cash they stole from their victims.

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