translated from Spanish: Constitution: the alleged femicide of street women was arrested

On July 4, a woman in street situation who lived on Virrey Cevallos Street at 1200 under the 25 May highway was killed as a product of an arson fire. In recent hours, they managed to arrest the suspect for the woman’s femicide. 

The alleged femidide, 27, was arrested in the room of a hotel in Almagro where he was staying, thanks to evidence collected by Criminal and Correctional Court No. 54 by Dr. Walter Candela, Secretariat 73 of Dr. Pongoza. As part of a break-in in that room, the alleged femide was arrested while he was sleeping. Sufficient evidence was also abducted to base the indictment as reported by official sources. Femicide
On July 4th, a neighbor alerted Neighborhood Police Station 1 C to a fire that had originated in a humble box. After the intervention of the city’s firefighters, who extinguished the flames and removed the debris, a woman’s calcined body was found. The Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 52, run by Dr. Romina Monteleone, arranged for that police station to initiate the investigation, which was continued by the Homicide Division of the City Police. After two months, it was possible to identify who would be the author of the fact.

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