They accuse proselytism of rejection and misleading invitation to documentary interview about the constituent process

Alluding to the agreement of November 15, 2019, when it was agreed to carry out a constituent process in Chile, the trailer of a documentary called “La Desilusión”, ensures that the country is reflecting on the concept of “the house of all” that should be the new Magna Carta of the country.
In the propaganda video published in the face of the exit plebiscite that will take place in September, faces such as those of the lawyer Rodrigo Arellano, the writer Ernesto Ottone and the former deputy Pepe Auth appear, who have not spoken about it. However, the journalist Mirko Macari and the psychologist and founder of Criteria Research Cristián Valdivieso, who also appear in the audiovisual piece, came forward, assuring that they were indeed asked to participate in a documentary, but that they were not informed that “it was a campaign of Rejection”.
“A video is circulating on WhatsApp with a fragment of an interview that I was asked for a documentary about the constituent process. The piece has nothing of such and is only proselytism of rejection, although it is not directly mentioned. I was never informed of those purposes. I approve,” said Macari, UAH’s Journalism of Excellence Award.
“I was also interviewed months ago as a citizen media that would interview analysts about the social and political process. They didn’t tell me it was for the rejection campaign. There is no wedge of mine in the entire documentary in favor of rejection. I will make my decision public in due course,” Valdivieso replied.
The founder and director of Criteria added that “given the nature of the documentary to which I was deceptively invited, I will formally request that my participation be eliminated reserving the legal actions I deem appropriate.”
Macari added: “The journalist who contacted me, Sergio Paz, I have known him for many years and I consider him a great chronicler (I read his book by Camiroaga) Now he tells me that the focus is not Rejection, but Disillusionment. I informed him that I am not disillusioned with anything since the old pascuero.”
“Disappointment. The documentary” aims to premiere on August 15, according to its preview published by the platform “Saca la Voz”, and one of its producers is Benjamín Correa Braun, director of the Center for Public Policies at the University of San Sebastian.

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